The educational aspect of this group consists of guest speakers, instructors and teachers who are handpicked by security professionals and that bring to the table subjects that will benefit all of our members. In an industry that is growing rapidly as a result of dynamic changes taking place not only in American culture but worldwide, we feel that continued education with regards to fundamentals and foundations of security as well as cutting-edge techniques, tactics and equipment are paramount in order to effectively protect our clients moving forward. Thus by educating the security professional, we create a more effective professional altogether which in turn increases the quality of industry and makes the world a safer place altogether.

We hope that through networking and educating security professionals we can contribute to an era where the private security professional is revered and respected as much as any other professional who is expected to lay his life down in service of another person or entity that he believes in. We want to restore the honor to the security industry, raise the standards of service expected by the public and create a type of security professional that is smart, strong and honorable in every way possible.

In order to benefit from our culture, join our group on facebook and linkedin and contribute thoughtfully because you will be known by your contributions in here. Whether you are a security company owner, a security professional or someone looking to get into the industry, we believe that our group has something to offer you. Surround yourself with like-minded professionals and take your career or company to the next level because the truth simply is that, if you want to be good at executive protection, it is so much more than just a job… It truly is a lifestyle.

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