EPISODE 5: 48 Laws Of Power

EPISODE 5: 48 Laws Of Power

What makes a successful Executive Protection Agent?
How does a private security professional carve out a place for himself on a detail and in a client’s life that is somewhat secure, reliable and will gives him enough authority / report to be able to do his job at a high level?
Why is it that many highly skilled, highly tactical and high-speed security agents simply do not do well in the private security industry?
While I don’t know the answer to all of these questions I do know for a fact that social dynamics do play a very heavy parts in the answers to those questions. One of my all-time favorite books and a book that’s principles have assisted in the profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars at this point but more importantly the acquisition of positive brand equity, is a book called 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene. The problem with many agents is not that they don’t know how to protect someone rather it is simply that they do not know how to survive the socially treacherous booby-traps, tripwires and minefields surrounding their clients in many cases.

Every private security detail is a very sensitive and sophisticated social ecosystem that can either crush and eliminate an agent or catapult him to lasting success if he learns how to play his cards wisely on a daily basis. The 48 Laws Of Power book is one of the most valuable books I know of on the topic of social dynamics and that is why I chose to review it on this podcast. No matter what your vocation is, you are dealing with people on a regular basis and studying the principles in this book will benefit you.

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